Are you an easy-going, cooperating individual with a catchy appearance?

This place is right for you ! 🙂




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The guidelines for Polaroids I & Polaroids II:
Professional photos are not necessary – simple smartphone camera photos are fine as long as they are in color and in focus. Try to use natural light and plain background i.e. white wall. No filters, no selfies. (FOR WOMEN) Light make up covering minor imperfections allowed. Remember: Natural beauty – this is what we are looking for 

Add only one photo

En face neutral, en face with teeth smile, left profile, right profile, silhouette (Add up to 10 photos) Click to see an example

Show us a few facial expressions, f.ex. positive shock, surprise, madness, boredom, sadness, friendly smile, suspiciousness, cleverness etc. (Add up to 10 photos)
Click to download the manual

If you feel like your hands can play in a commercial, show us a few photos of them. Photos should be made from different angles, both sides, right and left hand (Add up to 10 photos) Click to see an example

Add up to 30 photos from professional photo sessions.

Please enclose your showreel or selftape in a form of a link to youtube or to download from Click to download the manual